Embedding Tours

Embedding your tour into your web site and facebook page are fairly easy processes, though it is done it completely different ways. See below for instructions for both.



Embedding the tour on your own website or sharing via email is accomplished via these steps.

1. Go to maps.google.com.

2. Search for your business then click on it.

3. Click the “See inside” picture.

4. Move around in your tour and find the view you want to start with (each time you move the view a different code will be generated).

5. Once you have the starting view the way you would like, click the “3 dots” just to the right of “Steve Cook, Stitch360” at the upper left of the window, then click “Share or embed image”.

6. For sharing via email or a post or other, check the “Short URL” box and copy the URL link directly from this window

7. For the website embed code, click the “Embed image” tab.

8. Select the predetermined or custom size of the box you will be embedding, then copy the iframe code for pasting into your webpage code.



1. Go to www.socialpr.dk/lookinside and click on “Click here to add the app to your Facebook page

2. If you’re not already logged in, Facebook will prompt you to log in. Log in with the account that manages the business page you are adding the tour to.

3. On the Add Page Tab page, select the Facebook page you are adding the tour to from the drop down. Click “Add Page Tab“.

4. Follow the 4 steps that appear on the new page that loads.

5. If you would like to customize the new app button that appears for your tour, which I highly recommend, follow the directions here:


If you have any issues with these instructions, would like me to create the app button image, or have found errors, let me know and I will assist you in whatever way I can.

Thank you to Magnus Högfeldt for authoring the Facebook app and app instructions. Please consider donating to the author if you use his Facebook app.